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Glassmaking dayglassmaking studio

Fancy having a go at making glass yourself? Book with me for an exhilarating experience! There are two types of hands-on classes, each of which takes either a half day or a day. You can try an intensive day just for two, or a taster class for eight people. Have a look at the photos and quotes below. Go to the Contacts page to get in touch.



          "Thank you for a superb time. It was one of the most interesting, enjoyable and fun days that I have ever had. The pace was just right. I never felt rushed. With Derek's expert coaching I always felt that I understood what I was doing and that I was in control. I never felt that I was being "talked down" to and Derek's enthusiasm only rivals his depth of knowledge and experience. An education, a fun day and I got to make some beautiful things too. What more could you ask? John Luff, Milton Keynes".                                                                                                                 




Thank you for a great day, it was a very interesting experience. We really admired your passion for the craft, and it was great to see an insight into a technique with so much heritage. Your workshop was also very impressive and spacious; it was a nice welcoming environment to learn. I opened the paperweights package yesterday evening. It was very rewarding and exciting to see they had come out so successful! I love the colours and they are sitting proudly on the mantelpiece!


 Lauren and Michael



pink thin glass goblet


Team development

Team development days built round the glassmaking experience. Conference facilities are available.Go to the Contacts page to get in touch.

 glassmaker''s bench

 The Glassmaker's Bench




two freeblown goblets, blue pink thin





  Goblets and bowl from the studio





 orange blow with shadow